Seminars August 8th

10:00 – 10:45 AM (Seminars are offered concurrently)

Lowering Barriers to Workforce Training Room A
and Talking to Customers about Safety
…now and in the future.
Join PERC’s Vice President of Safety & Training, Stuart Flatow, for an interactive discussion on using new technologies now to make workforce training and customer safety communications easier and at less cost, while also highlighting new strategies such as task-based training geared for the next generation of propane professionals.

Stuart will highlight PERC’s CETP Blended Learning and consumer safety videos that propane professionals can use to talk to their customers about safety while promoting their businesses.

How Documentation Can Affect  Room B
Claim Handling and Litigation
Crum & Forster – Todd Buechler
Discover how documentation can affect the handling of claims and litigation. Learn how proper documentation can create a more positive outcome when an incident occurs and a claim is filed.

Women in Propane    Room C
A.R.M. Solutions – Milissa Lord

Vehicle Technology Risk ManagementRoom D
eRisk Solutions – Evan Bonney & Joe DiFranco
Review vehicle technologies and how they can be used to manage risk and aid in claims handling. Learn about the current commercial auto market to prioritize your needs for enhanced vehicle technology management.

PERC Programs & Resources to Help Room E
Engage Construction Professionals

Jesse Marcus, PERC Director of Residential &
Commercial Business Development

Learn about programs and resources designed specifically to aid in engaging construction professionals and identifying new building opportunity. Topics include:

  • Propane Construction Incentive Program: An incentive program for builders and remodelers who install propane appliances in new homes or remodels.
  • Residential Market Growth: An online tool designed to help marketers identify customer opportunity and locate builders across 381 MSA’s.
  • New & Updated Resources Including Online Calculators & Training Courses.
10:45 Emergency Response DemonstrationER Showcase

11:00 – 11:45 AM (Seminars are offered concurrently)

The Road to 55% Average FillsRoom A
Bergquist – Mike Vigliotti
Discover the benefits of tank monitoring, including the different types of monitors available, and discover the real data analytics that demonstrate the impact monitors can make.

Employee Training Requirements Room B
for Propane Marketers
P3 Propane Safety – Eric Leskinen
Learn exactly what training requirements marketers have and the best practices for efficiently maintaining compliance. Training is not only required by various regulatory agencies such as DOT, OSHA, and NFPA, but it is also critical to the success of a propane marketer and the safety of their staff and customers.

Get Paid Now: How to Become a CreditorRoom C
A.R.M. Solutions – Milissa Lord
Learn how to establish your own internal collection company and what it takes to become a creditor.

Benchmarking MetricsRoom D
Tank Utility
Benchmarking groups are an essential part to running a successful propane business, however, the benefit is only seen a few times a year. Attendees will be able to compare themselves against their peers on success metrics such as average drop size and delivery efficiency.

“Why the Professional Landscape Market Room E
Deserves Your Attention”
Jeremy Wishart, PERC
The outdoor power equipment and professional landscape markets are full of opportunities for propane, but where does one start? How do you engage contractors? What about equipment dealers? When should you approach the customer for best results? This session will answer those questions, and many more, in an attempt to bring you up to speed on the current market trends and how propane can become the fuel of choice in the outdoor power equipment market for many years to come.

11:45 Emergency Response Demonstration  ER Showcase

1:00 – 1:45 PM (Seminars are offered concurrently)

Don’t Just Quote, Win Projects!Room A
Rinnai – Kevin Morgan
Learn which tools and practices the best companies are using to profitably grow their business. Learn how to convert a lead into an engaged prospect and outshine other companies. Discover how high-growth companies are winning customers on a consistent basis and putting profit into projects while being competitively priced.

Hours-of-Service Panel (TENTATIVE)Room B

How Does Tank Monitoring EffectRoom C
Your Bottom Line
WESROC by Independent Technologies – Derek Montgomery
Discover the different types of tank monitors, including how the ever changing 3G to 4G to LTE has changed the monitoring landscape. Learn how the new non-cellular monitoring LoRoWAn wireless communications network will impact future efficient fuel deliveries with a very low-cost option.

The New Tax Law and its EffectRoom D
on Company Value
Cetane Associates – Steven Abbate
Discover the new value of your business as well as the value of a business you may be looking to acquire. Learn how the new tax laws may create less taxes and greater profits, and discover some areas that have been negatively affected. This session will point out some windfalls, as well as some pitfalls.

Autogas 101Room E

1:45 Emergency Response Demonstration  ER Showcase

2:00 – 2:45 PM (Seminars are offered concurrently)

Distribution SystemsRoom A
Increase your understanding of 3rd stage regulator applications on two and five-pound systems. Learn more about sizing, venting, codes and standards.

Cargo Tank InspectionsRoom B
Silverback Consulting – Michael Digiorgio
Review the required cargo tank inspections that can be performed in-house by technicians and drivers; daily, monthly and annually. Examine the regulations that apply to these inspections and learn who can legally perform the inspections. Understand the legal issues and the pitfalls on missing these inspections.

Keys for Maximizing Customer ValueRoom C
with an Online Customer Portal
Destwin Energy Systems – Gary Sippin
Learn firsthand how to apply the new cutting edge best practices of online customer marketing and sales and customer service tools to your propane business.

Supply Panel       Room D
Twin Feathers Consulting, NGL Supply Ltd

“Why Autogas” – Hear the Success Stories, Room E
Discover How Autogas Markets Can Increase
Your Bottom Line
PERC: Mike Taylor’s seminars
Companies that choose to sell alternative fuels are finding the experience both challenging and rewarding.  Thanks to these companies, propane autogas sales have remained stable during a time of great challenges from low fuel prices, the introduction of gasoline engines in medium duty vehicles and the increasing adoption of CNG and electric vehicles.  Join us for an active discussion about the OEM and aftermarket conversion markets, TCO, success stories and the creative ways propane marketers are increasing their year round gallons with propane autogas.

2:45 Emergency Response Demonstration  ER Showcase

3:00 – 3:45 PM (Seminars are offered concurrently)

Is Your Propane Bulk Storage Facility                           Room B
in Compliance?
TRC Environmental Corporation – Wade Narin van Court
Do you need a risk management plan? Examine applicability of regulation on bulk plants, threshold quantities and exemption criteria, including a recent court decision regarding the “incidental to transportation” exemption. Learn about the federal regulatory requirements; state regulations; and discuss lessons learned at similar facilities in achieving compliance.

Increase Brand Exposure and Sales                               Room C
Consumer Focus – Jennifer LeClerc
Learn how to choose marketing channels and how they can work together to create a cohesive, persistent message to homeowners. Also discover how to include your employees to reinforce your marketing with prospects and customers.

Annual Propane Survey                                                 Room D
Gray, Gray & Gray – Marty Kirshner
Discover the results and trends from 2017 survey.  Learn how you can use this data to baseline where your company falls in relation to other companies in New England.

Autogas Technicians & Training                                    Room E
PERC Autogas Technician Training Resources

This presentation will outline PERC’s ongoing training partnership with the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) and how propane professionals can benefit from this relationship. Beginning in 2013, PERC and the NAFTC have partnered to develop a suite of training materials to train automotive technicians on how to maintain, diagnose, and repair light- and heavy-duty propane autogas vehicles. Working in partnership with industry leaders including Blossman, Bluebird, ICOM, Roush and others, this technical training endeavor is making a nationwide impact. The presentation will give the history of the training project, where it stands today, and new curricula being developed now.

This presentation will be given by Micheal Smyth, Acting Director of the NAFTC and Stuart Flatow, Vice President of Safety and Training at PERC.