Seminars Day 2

PLEASE NOTE: These seminars were held during our 2018 event.

10:00 ? 10:45 AM?(Seminars are offered concurrently)

Workplace Violence PreventionRoom A
First Line Defense ? Michael Pearl
Learn about workplace violence and armed intruders from Lieutenant Michael Perl, an active regional SWAT Commander police officer with over 18 years of experience about the frequency of events and how employees can effectively increase their chances of survival in and outside of the workplace. ?Attendees will receive tools for their toolbox and further awareness for critical incidents.

The K-Factor Compromise ? How WellRoom B
Do K-Factors Predict Individual Deliveries?
Angus Energy ? Danny Silverman
Just because something has been around for a while doesn?t mean that it?s the best thing. This presentation will investigate actual K?s, actual weather, actual consumption ? and will explain why most of you are actually doing very well based upon the technology and methods that you currently employ.? We will also look at whether the current methodology is going to serve you well in the future (Spoiler alert: It won?t)!

Vets2Techs:?Benefits & Rewards of Hiring VeteransRoom C
Jessie Lord
Discover the multiple veteran initiative programs available to marketers. Learn how to recruit and market to military veterans and millennial candidates by positioning your company to appeal to these candidates. Explore successful existing programs utilized for veterans already employed in our industry, including employer tax credits, training program stipends, and GI Bill opportunities.

Learn How to Make a Sale Without Giving a PriceRoom D
Pro Image ? Barry Harris
Promote value rather than price. Learn how to make a sale without giving a price and see how calls can be altered in order to provide the caller with the necessary information to make a better educated buying decision.

Introduction to Green Zero Net EnergyRoom E
Opportunities to Leverage High Efficiency Propane Systems
PERC ? Jesse Marcus
Green ZNE homes are becoming more popular than ever, and propane can help achieve the level of performance required. Learn how propane can be used in ZNE homes to help reach strict efficiency goals. Understand how ZNE homes are defined, learn design strategies and best practices to reach ZNE standards, and discover opportunities to use propane in mixed-fuel designs.

Emergency CommunicationsER Showcase Classroom
PGane ER Team
Discover how to communicate with the local authorities at a propane emergency. Witness a live scenario between a propane company and their local fire chief, while you learn what to do and what to expect during a propane incident.

10:45 Emergency Response DemonstrationER Showcase

11:00 ? 11:45 AM?(Seminars are offered concurrently)

ProPressG and MegaPressG Systems??Room A
Viega ? Troy Locke
Learn how to properly install press-connect fittings for propane gas systems. Witness ProPressG and MegaPressG press-connect technology utilized for gas distribution systems.

NFC, RFID, GPS, POS & Smart Phone.Room B
What Does All This Mean for Propane?
Digital Dispatcher ? Tom Duffey
Learn what NFC, RFID, GPS, POS all means, and see how to leverage the power of your smart phone to increase efficiency, improve safety, eliminate wrong deliveries, track field assets, raise the level of customer service, cut costs and drive profits.

Maximizing Profits Through EfficientRoom C
Mobile Solutions
ADD Systems ? John Coyle
Discover how to maximize profits by making delivery and service centers more efficient with the use of the right mobile solutions for each. Time is money and with the right tools you not only save time and make more money for the same task, but you increase your employee satisfaction in the process.

What Every Propane Marketer Needs to Know ?Room D
About Estate Protection, Tax Reduction & Estate Planning
American Society of Asset Protection ? Larry Oxenham
Learn the secrets to lawsuit protection, tax reduction, and estate planning strategies of which most advisors are unaware.

Rinnai?s Continuous Evolution: Room E
Learn How the Leader in Tankless Manufacturing is
Captivating Customers and Revolutionizing the Industry

Rinnai ? Brian Campbell
Get the Scoop on Rinnai?s NEW Sensei Water Heater and M-Series Boiler Lines.? Learn the latest installation tips, including new venting options.? In addition, Rinnai will be giving factory-direct rebate claim forms at this meeting.

11:45 Emergency Response DemonstrationER Showcase

12:00 ? 12:45 PM?(Seminars are offered concurrently)

Locating Buried Pipe Tools & TechniquesRoom A
Eastcom Associates ? Eric Denslow
Review the different types of equipment available for pipe locating, and the technology behind how they work, and why sometimes they don?t. Equipment demonstrations will review various tips and troubleshooting techniques for pipe locating.

NFPA 58 Overpressure Protection MethodsRoom B
Emerson-Fisher LP Gas Equipment ? Fadi Hammad
Overpressure protection (OPP) is required by NFPA 58 for pressure reducing applications for both commercial and residential systems. Relief valves are the most common type of OPP but it is important to understand all available methods to protect your system. Learn the most common methods available for OPP including valves, series regulation, monitor systems, and shut-off devices to become better educated in the operation and function for OPP and understand how each one works to protect your system.

What’s Important, What’s Not, and How to Tell the DifferenceRoom C
PriMedia -?Catherine Jermolowitz and David Heiser
Are your ads micro-targeting homeowners on the “right” streets, or?are you blanketing everyone in the county? And what about?all those online directories? Do you know if your company?information is correct? Are they showing outdated?promotions, or worse, no promotions at all? Are local radio?and print advertising relics of the past, or (once again)?the next big thing? Join us as we explore the many ways?that local marketing can widen your sales efforts, and help?you determine which options will work best for your company.

Perfection 2.0Room D
Ray Murray Inc. ? Jan Lindsay
The industry standard just got better!? Perfection 2.0 is launching this year, what does that mean for your company? How will it affect your bottom line?? Join us to understand and prepare for the upcoming changes and gain certification (if needed.)

Autogas Benefits ? Learn About Total Cost Room E
of Ownership Strategy & Tactics for Gallon
Growth, Plus…the Latest on VW Mitigation Activity
Propane Autogas is the clean fuel with the lowest overall cost to own and operate over the vehicle lifecycle.? Please join us for an in-depth discussion about the social, environmental and economic benefits of fuel.? Attendees will learn the value of comprehending and utilizing a total cost of ownership sales strategy, and the tactics you can begin using today to increase your annual gallon sales.? In addition, we will take a look at the latest activity surrounding the VW Mitigation Trust Fund and what you can expect in your state.