Seminar Schedule

Northeast Propane Show Seminar


August 10, 2022 9:00 AM

Room A

Kyle Koerber: P3 Propane Safety – Modernize your Safety Documentation Process

Many companies have transitioned their business processes to paperless. This includes all billings, service tickets, delivery tickets, and marketing—yet these same marketers continue to use outdated paper forms for their safety documentation. By making your safety documentation mobile, you can eliminate errors in the field, stay in compliance, add efficiency, and most importantly, keep your employees and customers safe.


Room B

Jason Mangos: NTI Boilers – Servicing a High Efficiency Boiler

Join NTI Boilers to gain insight into the best practices when servicing high efficiency boilers. The information delivered in this presentation is advantageous to your company, focusing on efficiency and safety of these processes.


Room C

Richard Goldberg: Warm Thoughts Communications – Fighting for our Future

Our industry is under attack by those who would like to electrify everything. This presentation will share new voter research being conducted in New England about the best messaging for fighting back. In addition, you will have access to examples of tactics already used in New York and New Jersey that engaged the public and brought pressure on politicians and regulators. Join in on learning what we can do to solidify and grow the industry.


August 10, 2022 10:00 AM

Room A

Jon Nelson: Rinnai America Corp. – An Introduction to Rinnai’s Infrared Heating Technology

A bold heating technology is on the market. Rinnai has introduced infrared heating for a multitude of reasons. One being that they are much more efficient than traditional heating systems. Learn more about the competitive advantages these heaters are bringing to the table along with how they work. Infrared is thriving, learn about the myriad of applications today!


Room B

Bruce Swiecicki: NPGA – Preview of the 2023 NFPA 58

Take a glimpse into the future and get an exclusive look at new requirements printed in the 2023 edition of NFPA 58 prior to its publication. Bruce Swiecicki will be providing never before heard insight into this new and improved code. As a longtime member of the NFPA Technical Committee representing NPGA and propane marketers’ interests, Bruce has had the unique opportunity to be front row in the development and updating of this essential code. Don’t miss the unique opportunity to discover this highly coveted information.


Room C

Marci Gagnon & Jon Gilbert: Qualpay – Text-To-Pay

Businesses are quickly utilizing texting as the most valuable way to communicate with customers and prospects. With people today spending so much time on their smartphones, it’s not surprising that they are increasingly looking to make payments on their mobile devices. Text-to-pay allows businesses to simplify the lives of their customers, by allowing them to pay via a simple text message.


August 10, 2022 11:00 AM

Room A

Chris Wolfe: Ray Murray Inc. – Tank Evacuation

Propane container evacuation is a prevalent topic in the industry today and understanding the different methods is crucial to your company’s success. Focusing on the importance of the liquid withdraw tank valve, attendees will walk away with a thorough understanding of various forms of tank evacuation. These topics will include the difference between venting and flaring vapor, proper methods for removing liquid from containers, and more!


Room B

Robb Ellis: Fluid Industrial Associates – Technical Services

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to upgrade your knowledge on the servicing and adjustment of zero governor gas valves in today’s negative regulation gas trains. This presentation will provide essential tips to help technicians feel more comfortable when handling them in the field, creating a more successful and efficient adjustment procedure.


Room C

Steve Abbate & Jeff Brunner: Cetane Associates – Inflation and the Effect on your Business

The price of steel, driver wages, new vehicle cost, and propane are all up. How does this effect your business income as well as the value of your business? Learn how to quantify what this inflation pressure means and how to stay ahead. Ensure you can stay ahead of the curve in maintaining and even growing your business in these challenging times.


August 11, 2022 12:00 PM

Room A

Chris Wolfe: Ray Murray Inc. – Regulator Basics

Further your understanding of the basic operations of a propane regulator to ensure you are well equipped with up-to-date knowledge. By gaining insight into different sizes, installation techniques, and troubleshooting you can ensure you are prepared for anything out in the field. Highlighting overpressure protection and commercial regulators, this information is sure to leave you feeling confident of your opportunity for success.


Room B

Jerry Schimmel: P3 Propane Safety – Your Legal Obligation to Provide Customers a Duty to Warn

Is your company looking for the best risk-mitigation practice in the industry? Endorsed and promoted by NPGA and PERC, P3 Propane Safety presents: A Duty to Warn. This presentation will review an effective Duty to Warn program. Learn about the current trends, methods and best practices utilized by marketers already implementing this program to better protect your customers, employees, and company.


Room C

Phil Baratz: Angus Energy – It’s All About You! Your Data, Your Capacity, Your Efficiency

Efficiency is more important than ever before. In today’s environment nothing can go to waste and no stone should be left unturned as resources are defined and limited. This unique seminar, will focus on you and your data, so be prepared! Better yet, this will help you prepare. Prior to the seminar Phil will be sending a questionnaire asking for data points from your company (not to be shared). During the seminar he will present what was learned from the data compiled from seminar attendees. Followed by the opportunity, using YOUR data, to understand how to better optimize your delivery operations.


August 11, 2022 1:00 PM

Room A

Gerry Hogan: PB Heat, LLC – Domestic Hot Water Options

The abundance of options for Domestic Hot Water can leave the industry feeling inundated with choices. This overview provides insight into these different options, breaking down the different features by utilizing the Peerless Color of Water 2.0 manual. This will help highlight what separates them from each other and show the latest options for direct gas-fired tanks, tanklesses, indirect-fired tanks, combi boilers, and boilers with tankless coils.


Room C

Rich DeMarco: UBS Financial Services – The Latest Outlook on Financial Markets and Investments

The future of the investment market is everchanging and vital to our industry’s success. Join Rich DeMarco as he provides attendees education on the economy along with the latest outlook on financial markets and investments in the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the multitude of up to date and relevant information surrounding the fiscal portion of our industry.


August 11, 2022 2:00 PM

Room A

George Carey: Fluid Industrial Associates – Venting Condensing Appliances with Polypropylene

Strengthen your understanding of venting condensing appliances with polypropylene in this presentation. Covering a multitude of important topics, attendees will walk away with extensive knowledge about Centrotherm Innoflue venting systems, installation techniques for gasketed “push fit” systems, the importance of UL1738 listing and much more.


Room C

Larry Richmond: Richmond Financial Services – Data Portability in 2022: its Necessity and Implications for Fuel Dealers

Are you in control of your own data? The unfortunate truth is, you may not be. Learn the implications of data portability restrictions, how it impacts the retail fuel marketer, and what marketers can do to help ensure a true free market. Discover how to migrate your credit/debit card data without restriction.